About us

The company was founded over 45 years ago and has been a wellknown private and independent stevedore in Bremen.

We have experience in all kind of cargo-handling and are equipped with forklifts (1 ton - 45 tons) and stevedoring gear necessary for modern cargo handling and securing. Our staff consists of qualified and skilled labourers who are supervised by Superintendents who are all in posession of the German Master License and have years of experience as Captains.

Due to our membership of the GHBV-Organization we have the possibility to enlarge our staff to up to 150 well trained stevedores in case of demand. Furthermore we are a member of the BLG-Gear-Pool which enables us to have access to all equipment available in the ports of Bremen.

If needed we also work at all Weser-Ports i.e. Bremerhaven, Brake, Elsfleth, Wilhelmshaven and Cuxhaven.

Since we have a warehouse of our own and due to the good business relationship to the Bremer Lagerhausgesellschaft and other private terminals in Bremen we have the possibility to take care of packaging and stuffing containers. The Hafenstauerei handles approx. 1,5 million tons of cargo every year and we are specialized in steel, pipes and constructions as well as in handling plant materials, wood products, heavy lifts and general cargo.

For many years we are working for wellknown shippers, agents and owners since we can provide the necessary basis for adequate and safe handling, stowage and lashing of the cargo and assure the safe arrival of the goods and the vessel at the ports of destination.

The team of the Hafenstauerei Kpt. Schultze is looking forward to hearing from you with any questions/ enquiries you may have.